Bunny Face Chocolate Cake With Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream

April 05, 2022 1 min read

My favourite chocolate cake recipe teamed up with delicious silky smooth strawberry buttercream.  A printable version of the recipe is available at the bottom of this page. 

I split the chocolate cake mixture between 2 rectangle baking trays.  Make sure you check that the tray is big enough to fit your template size.

Chocolate Cake in baking tray


Chill your cake after cooking before cutting out your chosen Easter template shape.

Image of Easter Bunny Face baking stencil on cake ready to be cut around.

I slid my cutout onto a baking sheet to chill it again while I cut out the second layer.

Bunny face cake cutout

Pipe your buttercream onto the first layer of cake and chill it for 15 minutes before adding the top layer and piping buttercream on this also.  The strawberry puree in this recipe gives the buttercream a lovely creamy pink colour.  I used a 13mm fine star nozzle to pipe.

Image of first layer of chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream piped on top.

I coloured a small amount of buttercream in pink and yellow to add some different colours and textures (using different icing nozzles) to the top layer of the cake.

Image of top layer of bunny cake with buttercream piped on top.

For the toppers I used hollow easter eggs, mini speckled eggs, easter themed marshmallows and sprinkles.  My daughters "helped" by putting the decorations on for me.

Finished easter bunny cake with cake toppings

Image of completed Easter bunny cake finished with cake toppers

Happy baking!





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