Chocolate Number Cake with Biscoff Buttercream

July 27, 2022 2 min read

Another year older, another number cake!  Next year our eldest is double digits so you know what that means - more cake to eat of course!  I did say that after 10 she might have to go to letter cakes 😄.  


I used my favourite chocolate cake recipe (get the recipe at the bottom of this page) which is so easy and makes enough for 2 large cakes.  I used a 12" square cake pan, which will fit all of our numbers and most letters but you could choose to make one large rectangle cake and still get two number cutouts.  See my guide to choosing a cake pan size.

Number 9 template on square 12" cake

Once baked and well chilled carefully cut around your template using a sharp knife and place the first cutout onto a cake board, plate or platter.

Number 9 cake cutout from square 12" pan Number 9 cake moved to board

I used a 13mm fine star icing nozzle to pipe my buttercream but you can use whatever shape you prefer.

Fine star icing nozzle 13mm Stadter brand

Pipe the first layer (Biscoff swiss meringue buttercream recipe below) then carefully place the second layer of cake on top and repeat.  Don't worry if the piping isn't really neat as you'll cover most of it with decorations.

Second layer of cake put on top of buttercream Biscoff buttercream piped on top layer of number 9 cake

Here are my decorations all ready to go.  I used fondant rainbows and hearts that I prepared a few days early so the fondant would dry and harder a little as well as chocolate pretzels, chocolates, mini oreos, sprinkles and Lotus biscuits.

Number 9 cake ready for decorating with yummy cake toppers

Place the cake toppers onto the cake as you wish, using your choice of toppers and you're ready to serve.  You can cover the cake and chill until your ready to serve.  As long as the cake is covered the edges should not dry out.


Happy baking!

Lisa xo

Number 9 cake ready for the birthday girl

Close up of the details of cake toppers on number 9 cake


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