Funfetti Birthday Cake

August 17, 2021 2 min read

Last week I polled my email subscribers to see what they would like me to blog next.  Of the 3 choices, Funfetti Birthday Cake came in first place by only 1 vote!  So a Funfetti Birthday Cake it is!  Don't worry though if you voted for the chocolate mille feuille or the chocolate chip cookie cake, they'll be coming up soon too!


This would have to be the quickest cake I have ever decorated with just some coloured buttercream and mini M&Ms for decorations.  There were so many other ideas I had for decorating but a sick little one meant I really had to rush to get this cake done.  I also cut out a mini crown using a 12.5cm crown template (which you can download for free here), because every little prince or princess deserves a little crown cake.  The definition of the crown is a little lost in my creation because I used a large star icing nozzle to pipe the buttercream.  I can't wait to use it again to create a cookie cake.


I used this Funfetti cake recipe I found on Pretty.Simple.Sweet's site.  I chose it because it was a large recipe that would be able to make a large number or letter cake, and it had some great reviews.  I used 2 x 12" square cake tins and just divided the cake batter between the 2 tins.  Use a spatula to spread the cake batter over the entire base of the tins if required.  It does rise nicely to give great layer heights.


  • Use 2 x 12" square cake tins, divide the batter evenly between them both
  • Cook for 15-20 minutes only and check if done
  • Cool your cakes completely and refrigerate to firm them up for cutting
  • Cut out your chosen shape using one of my stencils
  • Chill cakes again while making buttercream
  • Make your choice of buttercream.  I made my vanilla buttercream recipe.
  • Place one cutout cake shape on platter/plate/serving board and pipe on buttercream
  • Place second layer on top and chill for 10 minutes.
  • Pipe second layer of buttercream and chill again.
  • Colour leftover buttercream if desired and pipe onto cake.
  • Add decorations including sprinkles, lollies/candy, chocolates, mini meringues, cookies, fondant toppers, fruit, chocolate pretzels, or anything else your heart desires!
  • Cover and refrigerate until serving time.  You can assemble this cake the day before your event.

Things I would do differently next time:

  • Use room temperature eggs.  In a rush I used them straight from the fridge which effected my cake batter texture
  • Take my time (again... rushing!) and fold through the sprinkles more evenly.

Here are some in progress and finished snaps of my attempt at a funfetti cake.  I'd love to see yours!

 Image of number 1 reusable cookie cake template and print at home crown template


Image of number 1 cake with vanilla buttercream ready for decorating


Close up image of funfetti number 1 cake


Image of number 1 birthday cake


Image of number 1 layer funfetti cake with smaller crown cake.

Happy baking!

Lisa xo

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