Vanilla Number Cake with Biscoff Swiss Meringue Buttercream

May 07, 2024 3 min read


One of the best things about a number cake is the way the decorating can be customised to suit the recipient.  This Barbie themed cake was certainly no exception. 

My youngest daughter turned 8 a couple of weeks ago and I have had this theme in mind for many months for her.  I think it would be safe to say that her favourite hobby is playing with her Barbies.  If she can get her big sister to agree to join in then that is just the icing on the cake for her.  

This was such a fun cake to make.  I've included a list at the very bottom of this blog with all the links to the recipes I used.


I used my favourite vanilla buttercake recipe to make the cake.  It is an all ingredients in and mix type of cake which I love.  I split the mixture between 2 12" square cake pans.  These pans work well for all of our 11" number and letter templates.  Don't be alarmed if you make these cakes and the batter seems a bit short to fit in the pans.  It expands and rises as it cooks to perfection.

I cooked the cakes one day and cut and decorated them the next.  I like to chill my cakes in the fridge overnight to make them easier to cut.

On decorating day I carefully cut each cake out using my DoughCuts reusable number 8 template.  If you don't have baking templates on hand you can purchase a print at home number template here.  I actually cut the first cake, added the buttercream to that layer and then chilled that while I cut the second cake.  This gives the buttercream time to chill for a few minutes before I sit the top layer on.



Both of my daughters love all things Biscoff flavoured so this was an easy decision.  Plus, I think the colour of the swiss meringue buttercream looks nice with the hot pink Barbie decorations.  You can get the recipe for the buttercream here

I used a fine star nozzle with about a 1cm opening to pipe the buttercream on both layers.  I had enough left over to make some very rustic looking cakes with the cake offcuts also which hubbie enjoyed for many morning teas after the birthday event.  It tastes delicious so why not right?!  




I made a small batch of vanilla cookies (half of this recipe) and topped them with fondant.  I coloured two thirds of the fondant with light pink and dark pink gel food colour.  I also used some edible images I bought on Etsy and topped some fondant cookies with these.  I inadvertantly did not order pre cut icing images.  Do not make my mistake!  It was so tedious to cut out all those circles.  I had lots of cookies left over that the kids loved to eat at the party.

Chocolate Pretzels

Using an oil based food colour I coloured some white chocolate light pink and dipped pretzels into it.  Yum!  I was not dissappointed there was a few of these leftover.


Using my very small batch of meringues recipe I make some white meringues.  I topped a few a sprinkle of non toxic silver glitter.  Use whatever icing nozzle you prefer to make your meringues.


Sprinkles (I raided my collection for any that fitted the theme) and some acrylic Barbie toppers I purchased from Etsy.  I could have also used macarons, marshmallows, chocolates or fresh fruit on this cake.

Got any questions?  Please reach out and I'll try my best to assist.  You can email me at


Happy baking!


Links to everything you need:

- Number template reusable

- Number template print at home version

- Vanilla Buttercake Recipe

- Biscoff Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe

- Vanilla Cookie Recipe - halve this recipe

- Very Small Batch of Meringues

- Barbie Acrylic Toppers from Etsy

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