Cauldron Shaped Chocolate Cake for Halloween

October 04, 2021 1 min read

Who doesn't love chocolate cake?!  This is my really big cauldron shaped cake, perfect for celebrating Halloween.  You could have any toppers you like bubbling out of the top of your witch's brew.  What will you choose?

The full printable recipe is available at the bottom of this blog post.  The recipe is one LARGE finished cake with chocolate buttercream and optional vanilla buttercream for the witches brew effect on the top layer of the cake.

 Image of equipment and cake topper ingredients to make cauldron cake.


I baked my chocolate cake in 2 x 12" square cake tins.  This is one big cake and there aren't many offcuts left after cutting out the cauldron shape.  You can grab my cauldron shaped print at home template to cut out the shape.

Image of cauldron stencil on square chocolate cake

After piping the first layer of cake and placing the second layer on top, pipe chocolate buttercream on the lower section of the cauldron and leave the top section for a different colour buttercream, if you wish.

Image of chocolate cauldron cake with chocolate buttercream base piped on.

I piped some vanilla buttercream on the top of my cauldron to represent the witch's brew coming out of the top.

Image of cauldron cake with buttercream bubbles coming out of the top.

Carefully arrange your choice of toppers onto the cake.  I used edible images on fondant, fondant shapes (ghosts, bats, spiders and skulls), skeleton and eye ball chocolates and sprinkles.

Image of completed cauldron cake

Here are some close up snaps of the cake. 

Image of chocolate cake cut into cauldon shape and decorated for Halloween Close up of cauldron shaped cake toppers








Happy baking!

Lisa xo



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