Chocolate Cake Basket With Chocolate Cheesecake Filling

April 26, 2021 2 min read 2 Comments

I had planned to make an Easter Basket Cake using my new Print At Home Basket Template but I ran out of time which was probably a good thing in a way because we really didn't need any more chocolate in the house at Easter!  The basket shape works for other events other than Easter and I think Mother's Day is a perfect time to use it to create a flower basket cake for the special person in your life.  Or even make it for yourself because you are worth celebrating!  I made this one and I also happily devoured it with my family. 


The below recipe makes a LARGE cake that will feed quite the crowd but it will keep well if refrigerated to eat over a few days.  You can also halve the cake recipe to make thinner cake layers.  Below are some progess shots and the finished product with the printable recipe at the bottom for you.


Lisa xo


I used some leftover cookie dough that I had frozen previously to make some little heart cookies.  After they were cooked and cooled they were topped with fondant that was stamped with "Mum" using my Message Maker Stamp Set.

 Image of small heart cookies made as cookie cake toppers Image of Message Maker Stamp Set stamping Mum on cookies


Cut around the template placed on the chilled cakes.  We have a good range of different print at home shapes you can choose from.

Use our print at home cake template to cut out the shape Image of the cut cake using our baking template as a guide



 I used an assortment of cake toppers including cookies, marshmallows, mini chocolate blocks, Lindt chocolate balls, Raffaelo chocolates, fresh flowers and broken up Cadbury Flake chocolate bars to make a basket effect.

 My chosen cake toppers all ready to go! Image of flower basket cake all piped and ready for it's toppers


Side view of chocolate cake showing the chocolate cheesecake filling and piping on top of cake


Close up image of Mother's Day Cake showing cake topper details


Mother's Day Cake Basket With Flowers and Chocolate Toppers and Chocolate Cheesecake Frosting




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Lisa @ DoughCuts
Lisa @ DoughCuts

April 28, 2021

Hi Monique! Thanks for your kind words. The buttercream works perfectly on cake! I used the cheesecake just for something a little less sweet for this particular cake. I have blogged a caramel mud cake recipe but not a vanilla cake yet. You can use your favourite vanilla cake recipe and just double the quantities and you should have enough to make this cake. Remember to chill it before cutting out the shape and you should be fine. :) – Lisa


April 28, 2021


This is awesome.

Do you have a vanilla/yellow cake recipe? Can we use your buttercream that we use for the Cookie Cakes?

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