What Size Pan Do I Need For Your Baking Stencils?

January 16, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

The most frequently asked question around here - what size pan do I need for your templates?  



A USA half pan size will fit all of my reusable baking stencils as well as all the print at home templates.  Before you run out and buy a half sheet size please check that it will fit in your oven!  They are 45cm wide and some ovens are too small for this size.  Here are some other options.


A cookie sheet that measures internally (the are you can actually bake on) of at least 40cm x 29cm.  I use the Pyrex Platinum Professional Cookie Sheet Large 41cm x 31cm for my large cookies.  This sheet has one edge without a lip so you can slide your large cookies right off without having to lift them - bonus.  Australian customers can check it out at Evertens here and US customers you are spoilt for choice with many stockists.  

Pyrex Large Cookie Sheet


To fit all of the template sizes you need a large rectangle baking tray or cake pan.  Internal measurements of at least 40cm x 29cm for the cake pan will fit all of the shapes we sell.  If you will be making both cakes and cookies with your templates (and who wouldn't?) you can use your cake pans as cookie trays also and save on buying two different pans

The ones I have purchased for this purpose are Falcon Enamel Rectangle Baking Trays 41cm x 32cm and are available at Evertens for Australian customers here.  They have a 3.5cm side which is a little more than a standard baking tray (bonus) however you don't need deep sides on your tray for cake as you will line the tray and you are making large shapes in multiple layers so each layer does not need to be really thick.

Falcon Enamel Baking Tray

Tip: Check the measurements on any roasting dishes you already own, you just might already have one large enough for the cakes. 



Number templates are our best sellers, and you can fit all of the numbers and most of the letters (all except M & W which will need a rectangle pan) into a 12" square cake tin.  There are lots of brands available and the ones I have seen recently are Wilton and Mondo.  


Contact me with any questions, I'd love to help.


Happy baking!


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June 27, 2022

When making your choc cake recipe will one batch fill 2 of the falcon enamel baking evertens trays as mentioned above the 41cm x 32 cm? The tray I plan to useis the same length and width but the depth is only 2.5cm. Wondering if the choc cake mix will fit ths tray please. Any help would be appreciated thankyou.

DoughCuts replied:
Yes this recipe will fit in your two trays. Happy baking!  -——- Original message -——-

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